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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Found the watch! And a challenge...

It has nearly everything I was looking for:
- smallish
- waterproof
But it is solar-powered, which I really dig. Watches are perfect for solar power. The trouble? Finding a solar watch with a light, not just glow paint. Plus, I like having a digital display and analog. This watch has it all! Plus, I've no doubt I can change the band, but I'll give it a shot. Doesn't look bad.

Not an excellent light, but adequate. Classy but functional. Solar-powered so no more batteries-- for a while.
The Casio Ana-Digi Tough Solar Power AWS90D 1AV. According to Amazon it costs less than $50 too.

Now, obviously I had to make compromises. If what the FabLabbers say is true, in X years I should be able to roll my own custom watch, right? Specialized items like solar cells could still be rigged up, glass cut, plastic formed, metal and chips electrochemically and mechanically created in a digital foundry.

What would be cool is a series of bake-offs, based on a specific endpoint, mimicking consumer devices. So, start with a simple radio. Focus on the design, novelty being the goal. Move on through an MP3 player, a digital camera, a watch, a cell phone. Of course, you increasingly get into ever more-specialized components and services that you can't decipher without special chips and agreements.

So how far are we willing to go in consumer-fabbed products? All I want is a watch...

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