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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The trouble with Fred 2.0

Ah these wacky web startups. Twitter has caught on like wildfire-- and all my virtual peeps (and victims of my stalkings) are on there. Sadly, the Twitter servers ain't up to the task. Why? I dunno, crushing demand and loose coding are usually to blame but I've no inside info here.

Nevertheless, one hopes they figure it out before people move on. That's the trick in this biz: scale up before people move on. Digg managed to just barely stay ahead of their demand. Barely, like by a week IMO. Myspace still has stupid problems (I directly blame on loose coding in their case), but has so much momentum and non-webheads that it is tolerated. Some would say it's part of the charm...

Hang on there little birdie!

Oh, and the trouble with Fred? He's dead.

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