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Friday, March 09, 2007

Come on Nintendo...

by gkeirns 2 hours ago
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"After the Sony keynote about Home, and also the awesomeness of Little Big World, I was really hoping to hear something from Nintendo akin to a 'Live' type system where you can actually connect with other Wii owners, share game time with them, and maybe even some forms of communication. An announcement like 'Wiispace' is disappointing at BEST. Nintendo definitely has the ball now, with the massive success of the Wii, but they wont be able to convert it to a real milestone until they get with the times and convert the Wii into a true community based system. All of the tools are right there to do it, but as long as they keep ignoring the obvious need for social networking on their console, they are going to fail and fail again... which would be a HUGE disappointment considering the awesomeness that is the Wii."

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. How can Nintendo not do this? Sony is clearly going for a more upscale, adult audience. Nintendo has a massive opportunity that is being wasted. Like the HD for the 64, which they even brought up in their keynote! Haven't they learned anything? Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo... which is why it pains me to see them carrying a torch they are about to drop into the lake...

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