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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where the hell is my Wii?

Twice now my wife has tried to surprise me with a shiny-new Nintendo Wii. We're both salivating over it. My little brother Mike has every single game system released in the 21st century-- but no Wii.

Nintendo, we all want one. Please make more. I made fun of Sony back in 2006 because of their crappy distribution system (same with MS a year earlier)-- so what's your excuse?

Oh, and I have a quiet reverence for Miyamoto, like any self-respecting fanboy should, but something about that keynote was lacking... Still, the wife-o-meter was cool and funny and accurate.


the great one...ryan that is said...

All these posts and no replies.

I'm busting your cherry.

Kato said...

Last time I tried to get a Wii I was told "Thank you! But our Wii is in another castle!"

Stupid Nintendo.

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