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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mr. Magoo's world

Well I happened to notice a little item on the front page of digg today: "Mac fans ready to gouge out their eyes due to Leopard delay" or something like that. The link goes to this story on Computerworld, a magazine published by tech industry publishing juggernaut IDG.

I've had issues with IDG in the past, but it's kinda funny to see the "outcry" quotes in this article. I understand culling liberally from another IDG rag: Macworld. But all the other quotes are from Macrumors (which gets a ton of love), AppleInsider (gets one), Macnn (one) and, uh, Business 2.0??? IDG, there are many more Apple blogs out there. Even Engadget covered this story, and the comments on that post are noteworthy. TUAW happens to be a little Apple blog too and it got a measly 76 comments. Not enough for IDG, I'm sure.

Look, IDG, we know you hate us, but won't you explain why? Or does this still fall under the (Frankenstein voice) "RRR, no undertand new media, RARRR! Blogs bring pain!" old-skool media empire blinders?

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