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Friday, April 20, 2007

Stealin' tha music pt. 2

I have a CD from the 2006 Macworld expo that I just never bothered opening. It's from Magnatune, who have the somewhat dire-sounding motto "we're not evil" (you know, Google isn't either, but they don't flaunt it like that). Anyway, the No Evil mantra comes from a fair licensing scheme, and, more importantly for us gray market rebels, they allow you to purchase DRM-free music. You won't find your Top 40 bands on here. These are true indies, so give a listen and support the artists. Magnatune seems like a decent service, and they have MP3's and WAV's for sale.

The important thing: They are not evil.

They're not threatened by the asinine CRB ruling either, but still... Point is, the RIAA doesn't want DRM to go away. By supporting Magnatune and the artists on it, you're supporting the destruction of the DRM system-- a system designed to enslave you, lock out competition, and ultimately screw the independent artists (because music marketing is LAAAAZZYYY).

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