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Monday, April 23, 2007

My first web experiences

All this talk about using the interwebs got me thinking about my early days... Naturally, I would squeeze in some internet time on our SE/30 before my folks came home. Before that, I'd steal time with friends on their old PC's, although my family never owned the old-skool phone cradle modems (we had an Apple ][ and Laser 128, but neither were connected with modems).

In college, we had Archie, Gopher, etc... and then the change happened. The sea change known as HTML hit the scene as I worked in the music library. Luckily, we had a room with Macs. Sure, I had my handy Prodigy account, but we downloaded something called Mosaic-- and things got easier. Suddenly I started learning code again (I was a journalism major at the time, and had left my Applesoft BASIC days behind). Having been an avid HyperCard user, the metaphor was easy to grasp. Pages connected by hyperlinks. Hell, the word "hyper" was in there! Remember that? Who says hyperlink any more?

Anyway, even before image support we were tinkering, clicking, playing and connecting. Lots of fun, and thank goodness I reported to work 3 times a week to a room with Macs and smart, inquisitive people.

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