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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Computer Chronicles

Back around Father's Day Peter Rojas had a moving tribute to his late father. I was struck by the similarities in our dads' approaches to technology, what I guess pre-blog we called "enthusiasm." You know, computer enthusiast, hifi enthusiast, etc.

And once there's enthusiasm for something, there's an audience to which the media wishes to speak. Witness blogs! Before there were blogs, there were magazines. Somewhere along the way (hi cable!) we invented the TV 'news' magazine, ancient forerunner to the very best of YouTube (but more like the best of the nascent Web-based TV industry or IPTV).

For tech enthusiasts who loved computers, there was The Computer Chronicles. Some loving soul has seen fit to put several of these on the Internet Archive. If you missed the history of the Mac, and you wonder why the graphic design dept. has so many Apples in the garden, go check 'em out. Sure made me feel old.

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