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Monday, July 02, 2007

Chris Pirillo's iPhone rant

Let me say first that Chris reminds me of me. A bit silly, a total nerd, happily married, terribly opinionated and a wee bit grumpy sometimes. We also overtalk-- that sort of abrasive, full-of-gestures and emphatic speech patterns jibber jabber that Mr. T would put a quick end to.

But Chris' rant, and I understand it was just that (meaning more emotional than cerebral), was way off base. I think it came off pretty juvenile, and Chris is above that. Even me, Apple Fanboy #1, was about tired of hearing the hype. But to dimiss the iPhone as a piece of crap is just pandering to the mouth-breathing WinNerds who simply hate anything with a piece of fruit on it.

Without going into excruciating detail, I'll just say that if I were teaching a class on logic and debate, I'd use this for students to count how many fallacies he creates.

With respect, Chris, you should really try one (on camera) before you go saying the same kinda virulent nonsense we heard when DOS faboys trashed the Mac interface.

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