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Friday, September 28, 2007

Apple gets all Gestapo on you

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Wellichee wellichee. TUAW ran this story about a gent at the Glasgow Apple Store being tossed out on his ear for taking pics. They also informed him that people posting pics of Apple gear on Flickr will be "contacted"... BWAHAHAHA! Really? Do it. I dare you. I double-MS-DOS dare you Apple.

Fuckin' A. You know, I support aspects of your closed-system paranoia because it has yielded a superior product. I support the iPod+iTunes ecosystem because, for a shining moment, it held sway over one of the most corrupt, incestuous industries ever to grace our watery, floating rock...

But between this iPhone lockdown (rev 1.1.1 is like a fruitfly's butthole I'm told) and THIS STUPID CRAP you are becoming the facist regime Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak once hated so much. Get your head straight man, this is getting more than embarassing-- how about just plain evil?

Make a buck, fine. Bully your customers? Bite me.

UPDATE: Here's my little corner of protest on Flickr. More to follow. Oh, and I know this was probably a know-nothing pig-headed manager acting like a tool. And I know Apple Retail is a completely different beast from Apple Corp. BUT Apple needs to get their training and facts straight-- no excuses.

UPDATE 2: Another report of Apple cracking down on free speech. In the comments you'll note they lost a sale. Woohoo! That retail strategy is tops you kings of sales, you princes of New Reichmanship!

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