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Friday, November 30, 2007

Days like this I wish Colbert was a tech blogger

While the rest of the universe begins to open up to a world of gadgets (just as they did cars, videogames and expensive coffee) I think tech writers (bloggers in particular) are becoming LESS worldly-wise in their ways. The classic egghead-in-ivory-tower comes to mind. There's a myopia you get when you focus on one niche for too long.

Case in point: an asshat named Rist over at PC Mag has written a terrible article making no sense in comparing Vista and Leopard.

Luckily, Cameron Hunt wrote the rebuttal I didn't have time to write. Or energy... Because, honestly, you could spend all day on this crap.

I've written my share of inaccurate posts, but comments set me straight, and I'd like to think 99% of the time I own up to my mistakes. I also try to stay away from blatant inaccuracies like: "For one, you can't set up Time Machine from within Time Machine." Jeez dude, it's like you didn't even try to use the damn thing at all. Somebody take this boy to an Apple Store, break a switch off the tree and whip him with it.

Look, I'm an Apple fan. While I admit MS does a lot of things right, I'm going to say a lot of Vista went wrong. I think one should disclose their proclivities before spreading such nonsensical FUD as Rist's "article."

ps-- thanks to Caolo for finding all this

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