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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gift guide 2007

Looking for a gift? How about a book? A few months ago I was interviewed by Michael Banks for the book Blogging Heroes. I'm hoping the book is out in time for the holidays (I think it will be), but with Amazon shipping you can likely order up until December 20-something and get it in time.

Anyway, I am humbled beyond reason to be in the same book along with Scoble, Rojas, Tripani and others, let alone Scott (TUAW) and Grant (Download Squad). It's always nice to be recognized for "doing something" and blogging is certainly something I'm passionate about.

What I'm hoping is that this little bubble we bloggers live in continues to expand in an organic way, and that as technology penetrates deeper into the societal consciousness (thus becoming a natural extension of our lives) we see better and more pervasive self-expression. I believe this could be a very positive thing for our little race of hairless apes, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Oh, you can read the chapter about me here (PDF link).


C.K. said...

Yo, d00d, congrats on the chapter in the book. Teh awesome. Thanks for mentioning me twice too! ;-)

salathiel jones said...

That's pretty cool Mr. Agreda. You're a true "man of letters" :-). Happy holidays.

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