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Friday, November 09, 2007

Sometimes tech is the problem

There's a Hannah Montana concert in my town soon, and the recent debacle getting tickets (thankfully my daughter is too young) got me to thinking... if all the tickets are being purchased online, that gives folks who know how to game the computer system an advantage. Whatever happened to camping out for tickets? You don't think there's money to be made there? The line was cool-- it showed you how much you really loved a band, and it built a little meeting of fans. How is that bad? Why not send a small advance team to go out to the line and sell food/drink and merchandise?

At the very least, having to wait in line overnight reduces the number of scalpers to just the pros, especially if you limit the number of tickets purchased by each person.

I'm reading a book by various members of Disney's Imagineering team and they are quick to point out that it is OK to sometimes think "inside" the box (particularly when time and budgets are low). It seems that sometimes our rush to use tech for every solution isn't really the solution at all.

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