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Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft wants to eat Yahoo's breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wow, just completely huge news today: Microsoft looking to put a little Yahoo! in their bag. Feeling the pinch from Google, eh kids?

Coverage on Download Squad and a funny poll on Engadget. This is crazy times, I tell ya!

In other news, I had to quit using Safari for Gmail because the out of memory errors just got out of control. Camino FTW! Get on with your State of Perfection Google, the heat just went up a LOT.

Anyway, I tried to find that animated GIF of the kung fu guy smashing the other guy's head, but Google failed me. Noticing a theme here?

Can't wait to see the curbing M$ give the famous Y! usability!!! (If it's approved, yada yada)

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deryck said...

If I was Google, I'd be jazzed that MS wants Yahoo. MS very clearly doesn't get the web. :-) If I were Yahoo -- and I wanted to be competitive still in 5 years time! -- I would never sell.

It will be interesting to see what comes of it all, though.

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