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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All good things...

If you watched "Star Trek: The Next Generation" you'll know what is coming. In the next month or so (before we go on our annual beach pilgrimage) I'll wind down blogging on this site.

Before I do, however, I'm working on a couple of longer posts. Something I intended to do this year, as per Steve Rubel's advice, was to do more long-form writing.

While I am not tired of talking tech, I think I need to focus my energies elsewhere for now-- I can always drop a post onto Download Squad or TUAW, after all. I can't be as snarky (well, maybe on DLS), but it'll get my tech blogging yaya's out, which is the point.

Instead, I'm going to focus my energies on my Scruffy City blog. It's my Knoxville blog, where I have recently come into contact with some truly amazing East Tennessee tech bloggers, pundits, good folks, etc.

I feel it is important, at this time, to direct my energies into my family and my city, because that's where I can have the most direct impact. And let's face it-- so few people are reading this it just isn't worth it any more. Besides, the world is full of ranty tech blogs. I like to think I'm helping reduce the noise part of the signal-to-noise equation.

Two posts are coming, then that's all folks. One will discuss the good side of tech, and the other, the dark side. Enjoy.

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