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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Ultimate Mashup in the Sky with Diamonds

Just finished reading ReadWriteWeb analysis of the Google App Engine and I immediately thought of Apple. The companies are BFF's now, which makes me question everything the Big G does and how it might fit/fight a future Apple directive.

Google App Engine is a huge thing, potentially. Huge for Apple too. Imagine integration with iPhone. Let's face it, while installed apps will shortly take over, cloud-based apps or cloud-aware apps on iPhone are the future of computing. Among one of the potential opportunities: finally the ability to sync everything. That's a lot of moving parts, but something we're working on already, right?

Perhaps I'm being optimistic. But I can see a lot of future B2B action between Google and Apple. The more the two brands co-mingle, the greater they become. And ultimately you need a lot of inertia to displace Microsoft in the business space. While I love FileMaker to death, I have to wonder what a "real" data system via Google could do with an OS X front-end that works similarly (but better) to Access. Would that be the "all in" needed to make the iWork suite compete?

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