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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Begin at the beginning

Math. For too long I thought "math is hard." Then I discovered that math is merely an abstraction, much like object-oriented programming. Perhaps for me it was the parallel between math and humanism (realizing this doesn't work for everyone and can be detrimental to some early students). But after years of not considering myself "gifted" in math, I'm starting to see the patterns. I'm starting, at a rather late age, to get hooked on math.

This is but one crazy side effect of diving into iPhone programming. I'm increasingly convinced of three things:
1. The iPhone platform is what I've been waiting for all my life (really long story wrapped up in this assertion, maybe I'll write it down some day).
2. Learning to program on the iPhone will have benefits in my own life far beyond simply making a little side money.
3. Developing apps for the iPhone is the culmination of all my skills and passions: storytelling, game design, visual design, interaction design, problem-solving, planning and (long ago) programming.

Now, the journey must begin. I'm barely a padawan today.

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deryck said...

Ah, the late-life love affair of Math. I myself learned to love that beautiful/ugly abstraction not long ago, and now coding is all I do it seems.

Our lives weirdly and eerily end up paralleling each other too much. :-)

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