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Friday, January 30, 2009

New book, new videos

I'm currently reading "iPhone In Action" by Christopher Allen and Shannon Applecline from the smart folks at Manning. It's really, really awesome. Can't wait to review it on TUAW next month.

Also, a couple of Download Squadders got on the iChat call tonight and we discussed Pragmatic Programmers' "Learning Objective-C" screencasts. I'm going to have to watch the first one again, but it's all a question of time. I still haven't watched ALL the Apple videos, either. And I think of myself as a visual learner...

Still, in terms of conveying information I can use immediately, I tend to prefer books. Denser, better chunking and the ability to "pause" the info in a more usable way, I learned stuff in the book in a couple of pages that would have taken 20 minutes or more to convey in video.

Kochan's book is on hold for now. Next book I'm reading is more rudimentary. This is a lot of fun!

Oh, and in other news, the first app I've been able to work on from concept to design (with Philip Kirkham doing the awesome coding) was submitted to Apple today. PARTY ON!

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