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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Love Teller screens
Well, I haven't been approved. In fact, I haven't yet applied to be a proper developer yet with Apple. But, I did work with Philip Kirkham on an app that'll be in the store this Friday... We're very excited. It's topical too: The Love Teller, a throwback to the old Love Tester coin-op novelty machines.

Unfortunately someone else grabbed the original title "The Love Tester" just a few days before we could. We might rename it for another version update, but I'm compiling a list of upgrades for that, so it may be a few weeks...

I've made a little noise about marketing apps outside the store, and this will be a crash course in eating my own dog food. I don't have as much time as I'd like to get things ready, but I do hope we can get the app in front of our market: singles in bars with $.99 to spare.

And while Apple does have a "Valentine's Day Apps" page, I'm not expecting we'll get placement on there. Most of those apps have a unique twist -- either a social networking angle, contact management or image manipulation. Stuff that isn't easily replicated on other platforms.

Now if I could just convince some of my developer friends to make the jump to iPhone development!

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