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Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is a company you trust with your DATA?

So, we email Google AdSense tech support. They say we somehow didn't finish completing some "partner" site's info... and to fix it, just click a link. But guess what? They never provided a link. The dope who sent this email never bothered to copy/paste it! Yeah, what's in the curly brackets was SUPPOSED to be a link.

Look, Google, I don't expect you to ever finish Gmail, Orkut, or the zillion other things you've started but will never finish, but is it too much to ask to teach you support crew how to copy/paste?

I've emailed them twice again but no answer. Now I'm fucking mad. They are denying a good man a real opportunity to change his life.

Here's the support letter:


Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

In order to assist your query we've searched our system and found that you
began an application associated with [redacted by author] through one of our
partner websites, but unfortunately haven't completed it. Until you
complete the steps below, we will not be able to review your application
to join the program.

Moreover, please know that before we can serve targeted Google ads to your
pages, you must verify your email address, grant the partner website
access to your account, and complete the AdSense application. To complete
the application process, please click the link below:


After doing so, you'll be prompted to provide an email address to
associate with a Google Account. You have two options:

1. If you have a Google Account that you already use with Google services
like Blogger, Gmail, Orkut, or iGoogle, please make sure that you select
the 'I have an email address and password I already use with Google
services like Gmail, Orkut, or the personalized home page' option. Please
then select 'I'd like to use my existing Google account for AdSense,' and
enter the email address you use for your other Google services.

2. If you do not use any other Google services, please select the option
'I do not use these other services. I would like to create a new Google
Account.' Please then enter the email address and password you wish to
use as your Google AdSense login.

You'll then be directed to complete the AdSense application by filling out
your contact information and granting account access to the partner
website through which you signed up. This account access will allow the
partner website to perform AdSense functions such as creating ad code for
you, but will not allow that website to see your personal information such
as bank account or payment history.

This will submit your application to us for review, and we'll follow-up
with you by email within 2-3 days. Once your application is approved,
we'll begin serving targeted Google ads to your pages within minutes.

For additional questions or to contact us, please visit the AdSense Help
Center: .

We appreciate your cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

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