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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why does Google hate dirty ert?

My hiatus from programming hasn't been due to anything amazing like having a new kid or anything (although my sis-in-law did, and summer's approach is always a busy time at work and school). No, my absence has been due to me helping out an old friend who is out of work, in danger of losing his house (a humble abode on some nice wooded land in our old hometown) and has turned to the internet for his future.

We're starting simple, with a blog at where he can tell his stories of days gone by and weave some new ones. Our plan was simple: make great content, put some ads on it. That's phase 1, anyway.

Unfortunately, Google is fucking us pretty hard. Three weeks ago I tried to set up his AdSense account. In that time we have yet to receive the FIRST email from AdSense. You see, without their "confirmation email" you can't do shit on AdSense.

You can't log in. You can't ask for help. You can't re-apply. You can't do ANYTHING without that first email that they say will take "a few days" to arrive. It was never sent.

Now look, to a man staring down foreclosure I'd say this is urgent. Google -- please do no evil here.

Wow, sent in a support request and got this gem (excerpted, but please note: THEY FORGOT THE DAMN LINK!)
Moreover, please know that before we can serve targeted Google ads to your
pages, you must verify your email address, grant the partner website
access to your account, and complete the AdSense application. To complete
the application process, please click the link below:


After doing so, you'll be prompted to provide an email address to
associate with a Google Account. You have two options:

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