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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New Deal - Free ideas, home to good developers

I finally got around to reading Hockenberry's essay on what to do with the iTunes App Store. I totally agree with him, save one or two nuances. I've been harsh on devs in the past, but marketing is no joke and sustainability for companies like Iconfactory is at stake here.

But while some bemoan a rush of $.99 "crap apps" (as do I, really), I'm about to do something pretty crazy. I've got a book of ideas and I'm going to start blogging them here.

I've approached enough developers about collaborating on project but I've got no time for side stuff (my day job is all-consuming and I'm loving it) except kids and cooking and maybe some reading. Now maybe that'll include books on programming. Those are in the queue. But I have more pressing concerns, and frankly, the "early mover" window has closed.

So all that's left are ideas. And ideas are a dime a dozen. I don't really care about making loads of money off these apps (a little beer money is nice), but I'd like to see them simply exist.

From my sketchbooks I'll post on my Flickr pages, then send those here for explanation. This should be fun.

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