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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Google hates me

1pm on the east coast and I've had 2 people tell me they could send invites to Google Wave, given I'm 99% sure I'll never get a REAL invite from Google itself.

That's a shame, too. Google Wave could make my professional life so much easier. It is perfect for a side project I'm working on here in Knoxville that has positive benefits for all of East TN as well.

But despite a number of pleas through various channels, I will not be one of the Anointed 100,000. I even told Google that I knew they would never pick me, and likely no one on my teams, despite the fact that we would be the most hardcore users for their ultimate ambitions, and test the crap outta the thing.

But no, Google and Apple have evolved beyond their humble beginnings and have become the new Elite. The Kings of Silicon Valley, with attitudes a mile high to match. They are kingmakers, and if you are lucky or blessed, they may point a lowly finger at you so that you may join their ethereal halo of hope and goodness and rainbows and wonder...

But I digress. Maybe Google Wave is what I've been looking for to solve a huge problem of handling a distributed team. I won't know because I'm just not "cool" enough for Google, and I probably never will be.

In the meanwhile I'll be switching all my search engines to Bing, which has consistently been providing better results than Google since launch, honestly.

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