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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to the jungle!

Whoa there, lots of life changes bring me back around to the beginning. Eyes open, staring up from a bamboo forest, hearing the sound of a jet engine in the distance... Oh wait! I'm not Jack. I just act impulsively to blindly fix whatever is in front of me at the time.

And now I'm finally getting around to really fixing the muddle that is ME. The me who never follows through, or makes promises that aren't kept, etc. Basically Bizarro Stephen Covey.

To that end I've discovered a few passions of mine:
- Sex
- Comedy
- Magic
- Writing
- Yoga/meditation/overall mental focus exercises

If only there were some way to combine those! Maybe a funny yoga porn parody? Hey, I could totally write that script!

Update 1: Oh yeah, I should have mentioned "science and technology" because I'm really a big fan of rational thought and technological wonders. In other words: I'm a friggin' humanist who can't wait to ride the first warp-capable vehicle. Or help invent one!

Update 2: Everything's fine, I've just lost my damn mind.

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