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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Based on our trollstats, TUAW should never, ever post about:
- iPhones or apps
- iPads or apps
- Any app that has ever caused anyone even a second's worth of grief, because if WE liked it, clearly the developer is giving us cocaine and hookers in return for a glowing review.
- Anything to do with religion, especially apps that are reference materials for people of any particular faith. ANY FAITH, including but not limited to Christians, Buddhists, Lotharians and Gozarians.
- News, unless we get it 15 seconds before the Times, Engadget and Apple.
- Anything voicing an "opinion" or "our experiences" because what we experience is clearly a fabrication, and everyone else is going to experience something 180 degrees different from us, and yet also have completely different experiences from each other, somehow.
- 101's, because everyone is born with innate technical knowledge and knows how to do everything from birth.
- Under no circumstances should we ever badmouth Flash, because every time we do, God kills a kitten and gives Adobe $5.
- Any non-Apple product costing over $12.99, because manufacturers dare to make a profit, and we shouldn't be party to those evil gouging capitalists.
- Any Apple product costing anything.
- Anything critical about Apple.
- Anything praising Apple.

So, thanks to our most vocal trolls, TUAW will now be The Unapologetic Asshole Blog, and we'll only post snarky, mean-spirited posts about our commenters to shame them into being better people somehow. The system works!

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