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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Internet, is Apple getting dumber each season?

So I sent an email to an Apple PR person last week asking about the iPhone 4 in Mexico. Mind you, it was announced that iPhone 4 would be launching in several countries on Friday, among them were Mexico and Greece. And yet, the simple request for a price and availability was met with this response:
"Dear Victor,

Thank you for your interest in the new iPhone 4 from Apple.

Apple has not made an announcement regarding iPhone 4 pricing or availability in Mexico.

Please keep an eye on Apple's website, at, for the latest information.

We appreciate your support of Apple products and services. Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Best regards,

Apple Customer Care"

So... Apple has iPhone 4 in Mexico, and one of the TUAW commenters noted they are holding one in their hands, but Apple peons in the "customer relations" department (where I was clearly hastily handed off) refuse to acknowledge? This makes no sense. Apple hasn't got a fucking clue. Worse, they seem to think I'm just in this for a laugh, oblivious to the fact that TUAW puts food on my table, and the tables of my bloggers. For a company who claims to give a damn, I am increasingly in the camp that they are becoming more evil by the day.

But this is all part of Steve Jobs and his fanatical world view that all bloggers are just scumbags. You know, like all Muslims are terrorists. Same deal, Jobsy, you can't make broad strokes and be accurate down to the person. I've always been treated with complete animosity by Apple PR, however.

We once asked to be allowed to enter WWDC, not anything under NDA, but just a press area so we could talk to developers... No dice. I was basically told security would tackle me if I tried.

For years we weren't allowed into Macworld as "press." Later, when Apple forsake them IDG changed tone and we are now BFF's.

Apple's insane worldview has even caused 3rd-party hardware manufacturers to keep silent on hardware defects, to the detriment of users and stockholders. Of course, things are all double rainbows for now, so no one cares.

I'm starting to root for Microsoft and Google and anyone who can disrupt Apple's model. And they shall. It's just a matter of time.

Update: You know, this kind of reminds me of Steve's rebuff to Violet Blue. "That's just rude" -- indeed.

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