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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I know Business Insider loves to rip everyone, but I have to agree on the one hand with this article and on the other lament the state of a world where investors expect major gains within half a year.

It's no secret that Aol faces challenges. So does our country. And people tend to expect immediate results these days. We're so used to hitting Cancel in our browsers, or even using the Back button, that we can't conceive of any problem getting fixed in longer than a month or so. To think a giant, systemic quandary couldn't be fixed in 6 months? Egad, call out the dogs and circle the encampment!

Seriously? There are actually some great things happening at Aol that will transform the company. I truly wish this stuff had been done years ago. But it's happening now, and won't necessarily reflect in the bottom line for a while longer.

The one thing I would agree with is the question, "how small does Aol have to be?" I think Tim had to make a tough choice between gutting the company and causing a slow, starving death versus allowing a little bloat for a bit to move forward on key issues... this too will resolve itself in time, I think.

This is all my opinion, however. I'm nowhere near qualified to run a company like Aol. I do well enough with my far-flung system of the Aol galaxy. Tim inherited a fundamentally broken company. Putting the pieces of that back together AND turning a profit isn't the sort of thing you get done in less time than it takes to finish gestating a baby. Come on, Wall Street, catch a clue. Quit building bubbles that can't last.

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