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Monday, August 16, 2010

Revenge of the commenters

Well, Mike Judge's documentary "Idiocracy" was right, we're all getting dumber. We posted a story on TUAW and the person taking pics sent them to us with the simple (reasonable, legal and traditional) request to credit him with the photos. But our frequent troll-cum-laude @JoannaD had the cojones to ask,
"Is this really a big enough story to warrant watermarks on the images?"
The "size" of the story has nothing to do with giving credit where credit is due. I don't see this comment as any but trolling and trying to make an ass of one's self. Pointless and crude is what it is.

Beyondthetech chimes in with this fabulous, witty remark:
"Raise your hands if you were hoping for a better look at the blonde employee in the photo gallery."
Yeah, you can see her ELBOW! What is this, 1884? Chances are there may be blondes where you live, try going outside to see if you can spot them. But please, look and do not touch.

Supertroll mentalsticks even joined the fray. It seems this story (and we've posted several theft stories without his brand of asshattery intervening) simply wasn't important enough for him. Important enough that we all knew his opinion on the matter, however, with this sparkling gem of human creation that will stand the test of time just like Shakespeare, I've no doubt:
"This is highly interesting news, of interest to the entire Apple community! Thank you so much for keeping me informed. Did anybody ask for Mr Steve Jobs' view on the matter yet? And what is the DOJ's stance in this matter?"
Ha! Sarcasm... never thought you'd see sarcasm on the internet, did you? Amazing.

From there it started to break down into racist comments about the perps being black and the % of hispanics in the Salt Lake City area. Way to go, America, you've crapped on the ideals of the founding fathers and carved yourself a happy piece of immortality, bigotry and stupidity intact, on our blog.

Another day in paradise.

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