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Monday, September 13, 2010

F-you YouTube and Sony

A year ago my daughter and Kellye danced in a worldwide event called "Thrill the Night" where thousands of people danced to "Thriller" to try and break a world record. Sounds good, right? Well, my Arch Nemesis(TM) Sony (the douchebags who brought you MiniDisc, ATRAC and other fine hits) decided that this was a copyright violation. As a result, YouTube regards me in a dim light.

So what?

Well, if I want to make a private video available via a link, I cannot. In the case of YouTube vs. Me, I am automatically assumed guilty. Thanks to the dumbshit laws in this country and the facist regimes at companies like Sony, Google, etc. I'm torn between functionality and sharing the memories of my daughter online.

This is only a small part of the reason I hate Sony, and a big part of why I think copyright laws in this country need a complete redo.

Instead I have to set a video to private and send people an "invite" -- which they then have to use a GOOGLE account ID to see. Huh. So it's OK to make a private video that requires signing up for Google's service, but NOT OK to just send a link to people because CLEARLY I'm a lifelong copyright violator. A thief, a scoundrel, etc. Oh yeah, I'd hate for Wacko Jacko's family to go starving. I mean, if Tito doesn't get his ostrich omelets, he's REALLY cranky.

What a world.

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