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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Tea Party is morally bankrupt

I'm not sure how Judson Phillips thinks "liberals" contributed to 9/11, because as I recall it was Reagan's administration that chose to arm and train Bin Laden and his bad guys back in the 80's. But here's his "patriotic" and respectful tweet on 9/11:

9/11 I will never forget. Nor will I forgive those who made it possible. The islamists and the liberals here in America! #TCOT #Teaparty

I guess that's as much class as they can muster. I suppose by Judson's estimation anyone who was a liberal but who managed to leap to their death, be burned alive, choke on toxic smoke or be crushed to death by tons of steel and glass DESERVED to die. Because ultimately that's what the Tea Party is about. They want liberals to die. They don't see them as American or even human. They want them dead and they have no respect for the freedoms of our nation because they want (just as the Taliban wanted) everyone in the USA to think and do as THEY would do.

What a perversion of everything our country was founded upon.

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