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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogger lashes out, and my debut podcast TONIGHT

I found this little item nice "Dear John Kass, Where's The Love?" Great rebuttal by a hardworking blogger who was disses in a blanket (asshat) statement by a John Kass, a 25-year veteran of the Chicago Tribune. It must be nice to think that, after 25 years, you are somehow more equal than other humans beings, or that your work instantly invalidates the hard work bloggers do.

Blogging is different, but it is still hard work. The people at Kroger's deli may not make the same cakes as Charm City, but they still bust their asses. OK, maybe not ALL the time.

Anyway, it's this sort of thing I want to start talking about. We're all people. I've had the pleasure to know (and fall out of touch with) a great many people, from construction workers to lawyers to homeless immigrants to college professors. I think the more we can talk to each other, the more we understand.

So tonight I'm starting my first podcast in what is fast becoming "nearly a decade" in bloggerspeak (that is, imprecise fuzzy talk, haha). Check it out on Wednesday nights at 11PM Eastern right here on Talkshoe.

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