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Monday, October 18, 2010

My righteous indignation over your free product I willingly accept into my brain

Commenters have reached an all-time low. We posted about Chilean miners... apparently people thought it was offensive, linkbait, racist, evil and so on.

Then we post about an app for and the partisan lunatics come out in force, leaving a trail of misery and stupidity in their wake. Calling for the firing of my bloggers and saying they, as "customers" are somehow incensed that we would DARE take a "side" on the issue... and again calling for my people to be fired.

So from now on we're going to start banning/deleting any idiots. And and all of them. Judgement day is here and I've got a fully-automatic double-barrel .50 cal just waiting to drop these birds like an alien invasion of stupid.

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