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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glenn Beck is crazy, right?

This commencement speech sounds like the ravings of a lunatic. Listen how he laughs maniacally at a wrong moment. Or how he mixes biblical phrases with pop-culture sayings. I don't know how anyone with more than a 3rd-grade education takes this guy seriously.

This is probably the best comment ever on the MediaMatters post I linked to above.
"What our grandparents taught us?

Mine raised children through the Great Depression. They didn't lose much because they had nothing to lose. They saw FDR as one of our greatest presidents and the one responsible for leading them through hard financial times.

They saw their sons answer the call to fight fascism in Europe and the beaches and waters of the Pacific. Their daughters worked long hours in munitions factories to do their part in the war against fascism.

They taught their grandchildren empathy, compassion and most of all an appreciation for what it means to be an American.

In short, my grandparents would be called fascists by Beck, even though their sons risked everything fighting against real fascism in WWII or communists even though their grandsons risked all fighting communism in South East Asia.

Glenn Beck is an ill-informed, cowardly religious fraud. He's risen to a position of power and wealth on the backs of the people whose troubles he's ridiculed throughout his shock jock radio career which he's now turned into a daily political screed, attacking everything my grand parents, parents and I have fought against our entire lives.

I've had the best modern history teachers in the world, the people who actually lived it. How dare you or Beck come here and push your alternative reality on those of us who've actually taken part in that history?"

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