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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Whiners, lazy parents and evilness

We're in great shape as a people. We went to soccer today and I saw:
- Whiny parents who want to complain but not offer solutions or clean up their own mess.
- Lazy parents who have either fed their kids corn syrup for breakfast or raw sugar, and who refuse to push their kids to do better. "Billy, you're doing a great job standing there and looking up into space!"
- Evil parents who cuss out the ONE KID who ran the entire game. Also the same parents I see completely ignoring their 2 other kids. They've got like 5, but the babies sit in one of those wagons, crying, just wanting to be picked up, but instead the parents just ignore them. The 3-yr old was crying to get her doll out of a spot it was stuck in, and the mom (instead of fixing the problem) came over and said "if you don't stop crying I'm going to bust your butt." That's a great lesson: If life hands you lemons, STAB LIFE IN THE NECK AND CRUSH ITS FACE.

No wonder these Tea Party nutcases are being nominated.

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