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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kayden Kross has a brain

The common cliche about porn stars is that they are too dumb to get real jobs or even act. Fact is, some are pretty smart. The ones who manage to treat the business like a business... well, they could be doing all sorts of things. But if you happen to be really attractive, smart AND have a rocket-fueled libido? You may be set for porn stardom. Or not. It seems to help to live in Los Angeles. Go figure.

Anyway, I happened upon the blog of Kayden Kross, an unbelievably attractive blonde porn star who happens to be getting a degree and managing her film (yes, adult film for now) career quite well.

These are the people who impress me. They can live their life unafraid and do amazing things despite a populace who would turn on them like meth-head zombies in an instant.

As the cliche says, "you go girl!"

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