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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You have to be a certified idiot in order to gain access to famous people

Harry Shearer. Adam Carolla. Dr. Drew. Those are just a few of the people professional moron Joshua Kors has had the opportunity to interview. I don't know if he spoke English or just grunted and pointed at the ground a lot, however, because his "humor" piece for the Huffington Post indicates the cerebral capacity of a week-old lemur.

In my business, blogging, the slave ship deckhand of journalism, we get excoriated by trained weasels for posting a humor piece as a real piece of analysis. At least there's "anal" in analysis. In Joshua's case... it's just tripe.

Google his name and add the word iMac to see what I'm talking about. I wonder if his investigative reporting on the military has led to the conclusion that guns fire bullets but tanks do something else he can't quite understand yet.

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