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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My paranoid bullshit is somehow more accurate than yours!

I was doing a little research on this story about a Tea Party leader (well, they claim there IS no leadership structure, although that would make them anarchists or at the least, Church of the Subgenius) saying voting rights should be restricted to property owners. I stumbled upon this gem of an article on Free Republic (love how they always co-opt "freedom" because how can you be against freedom? I mean, unless you are gay or something). So two things in this "article" -- 1) The article, like so many partisan shitblobs, shifts away from the central argument (what was said, what it meant) and deflects into another issue entirely. In this case "what the liberals want." Of course, the liberals hate freedom and fair elections. This has little to do with the TP assertion... and then there's 2) which is that EVERY use of the word "left" can be substituted with "right" except for where it is referring to specific organizations that have been accused of tampering with voter registrations or somehow manipulating them.

I'm not here to investigate voter shenanigans. I'm just pointing out how utterly futile it is to paint one side or another as "hating freedom." This is bullshit. Neither side hates freedom. They just believe in varying degrees of it. On the liberal side there's the freedom of the individual to do certain things. On the right... THE SAME THING. But in different areas. Liberals might be OK with decriminalizing pot use. Conservatives want fewer regulations on small business owners or gun owners. The arguments otherwise are pointless. Let's debate issues, not that one side or another doesn't want a debate.

So here's the Free Republic article with the terms "left" replaced with "right" and "liberal" with "conservative." I've left in the ACORN, etc. mentions, because otherwise some nitwit would accuse me of somehow censoring the delicate context of their argument. So substitute those organizations with other, more right-wing orgs. Good luck. This will fuck with your sense of reality.

PS -- I find a LOT of right-wing propaganda starts with "I haven't read the whole thing..." which I think speaks for itself.

Do they really want this fight?
A couple of weeks ago, on the Tea Party Nation radio show, I was talking with David DeGerolamo of NC Freedom about the Founding Fathers and the original Constitution. During the course of our discussion, I mentioned that the founding fathers limited voting rights to property owners. I commented this was a wise idea.
Apparently, two weeks after the show, some conservative stumbled across it and today, that comment has turned into conservative headlines such as, “Tea Party Nation President says It Makes A Lot of Sense to Restrict Voting to Property Owners” and “Tea Party Leaders Attack Constitution.” Suddenly, this has morphed from a discussion between two tea partiers into articles claiming that I want to change the Constitution to restrict voting to property owners.
To put it mildly, the right went nuts.
Watching the right go into hysteria over this has been nothing short of amusing. Of course, when the right goes spastic over something like this, they either get it wrong, or nine times out of ten, they lie about what was said. One of the more amusing stories started out, “Listen to Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips discuss ending voting rights for those who do not own property!”
Of course, it begs the question; do they really want this fight?
Let’s talk about the right and voting. Perhaps we should start with ACORN. In 2007, eight members of Acorn were arrested and all later pled guilty to voter fraud. ACORN is of course, a self admitted rightist organization. This would be noteworthy in and of itself, but of course, this isn’t the first time. In 1986, twelve ACORN members pleaded guilty to voter fraud. In February 2005, an ACORN worker was convicted of voter fraud in the St. Louis area.
In Houston this year, out of 25,000 voter registrations submitted by a conservative group called Houston Votes, less than 2,000 were actually valid.
In Illinois this year, at least 35 counties failed to send ballots to U.S Service members overseas in time for them to vote. However, in Chicago, election officials made certain that ballots were delivered to criminals incarcerated in the Cook County Jail.
This year, in Arizona, the conservative groups Mi Familia, Border Action and Faith, Hope &Vote bombarded the Yuma, AZ Recorders office with a massive number of registrations right before the deadline. Of those registrations, over 8000 were found to be forged. Over 300 were by convicted felons or illegal aliens.
Of course, this does not even begin to discuss the storied history of conservative Democrat election fraud. “Landside” Lyndon Johnson was the master in Texas of getting dead people to vote for him. In Chicago, the Dailey machine was legendary in stuffing ballot boxes. In more recent times, Democrats in Washington stole the Governor’s race from Dino Rossi in 2004 and the Minnesota Senate seat from Norm Coleman in 2008.
conservatives do not believe in fair elections. This goes back to the general problem conservatives have with any form of competition. They do not like the competition of ideas because their ideas suck and Americans by a wide margin do not like their ideas. That is why they have to steal elections.
That is why conservatives have to register people multiple times to vote. That is why they have to get dead people to vote. That is why they have to get illegal aliens to vote.
The right is currently trying to raise hell and lie about something I did not say regarding voting. Do they really want to bring their record on voting to the forefront?
Emphasis mine. He should post the transcript of the full exchange; like I said up top, this wouldn’t be the first time a conservative’s words had been bowdlerized by a righty editor for maximum outrageous outrage effect.

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