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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ya gotta do what you love

I run into Marshall at SXSW and we've never had much time to chat, but I have always admired his ethic and what he does. So this was a nice thing to say about the "AOL content farm" people are spasming about today.

The thing people are ignoring is that enthusiasts will talk about their passion for FREE. That's why bloggers love what they do. Trust me, if it was mercenary we'd all be having a lot less fun at work.

So I'm proud to be a part of AOL right now and proud of my TUAW team.

Somewhat related: I finally have a real vision for my next performance effort. While I'll continue to work up some stand-up material (it's a great way to work out bits), I'm currently planning a show for 2012 called "Oh Bananas!" that is a comedy/magic show aimed at adults. Think Amazing Jonathan meets Cheech and Chong. Should be fun. If it doesn't kill me.

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