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Monday, March 07, 2011

So it's come to this

TechCrunch had to move to Facebook comments to reduce trolls on its site. People can still be fake on Facebook, but most people do not. I have a feeling that in 2 years this will change. Already we're seeing plenty of face accounts show up to be douchebags. Like weeds on a concrete slab, they find a way.

I just banned a guy who felt he was being constructive by telling us everything that was wrong with a "3 apps" series of videos we're running. It's like when you go somewhere and decide to scoff at the person doing their job because they are "doing it wrong" or not doing it the way YOU would be doing it, had you ever bothered to do whatever they are doing just once in your life. Instead, these people chose to be professional trolls. The hilarity goes up a notch when they proceed to tell me I'm out of line by telling them they are being trolls. Yes, the trolls being given a taste of their own medicine.

So, here's a sample of "Mr. Helpful"... This comment is on Joystiq, because I already deleted his comments on TUAW:
"Anyone who has ever experienced Quake on a jailbroken iPhone can tell you exactly what chance this thing has to rule gaming. It's awful. And I'm sorry, Ellen viewers and nĂ¼-wave soccer moms, but YOU NEED SOME FUCKING BUTTONS TO PLAY GOOD GAMES. A library full of crappy $2 blackjack simulations and games in which you tilt shit around isn't going to rule squat.

Either Time didn't actually think this through before breathlessly jumping on Apple's jock, or it's trolling for attention. Probably both, given the sad state of that magazine."

Yeah... Gaming on the iPhone TOTALLY sucks, doesn't it? This comment was left in 2008. Claim chowder tastes good, but again, I need to be more careful in the future with critiquing trolls. I mean, they ARE professionals. This guy's just doing what he clearly does best: being a total asshole know-it-all who won't listen to anyone but his own gaping asshole as it shits out judgement from on high.

Look out below!

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