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Friday, July 29, 2011

Watch our nation shit the bed

The ultra-right wing has decided they can give a Democrat president NO victory. None. It began with Clinton, this "we can only win if they lose" mentality. But it's been brewing, and is not unprecedented in our history.

Still, there's a point at which someone has to pay their bills. I'd guess some certain interests have decided they don't want to pay *taxes* but the rate of return on another crash is OK with them. Get ready to buy some CD's and cry over credit card bills, because this is not going to get fixed.

I have every expectation that we're going to default. Thanks to extremists. Which is the same folly that saw the Taliban take hold of the Afghanistan government, although theirs was a much sadder, ungraceful fall, and one in the making for a long while.

That's not to say we're as unfixable as Afghanistan. We have a system of education in this country. We have not yet taken to hating each other on a personal basis due to party affiliation, and there's barely more than 3 parties, so there's hope.

But playing dice with our economy the way Boehner is doing? That's downright unpatriotic, and even in our more dismal of years as a free society (and we've had some!) in the end someone woke up and realized this was crazy and backed off. But now? Backing off is spun a thousand ways and there's no more BLINK left in anyone.

Therefore, no compromise. I blame cable TV.

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