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Friday, July 22, 2011

Weird vs. Tasteless

So there's a story in the New York Post about a Class A Douchebag cramming his iPhone down the throat of his girlfriend. Sadly, I see some Apple sites reporting this because it is "weird news." Which I think is sad. Weird news is a MacBook Pro surviving being submerged underwater, or a naked thief trying to shoplift from the 5th Ave. Apple Store at 3am... This? This is just stupid. The iPhone angle is dumb. Millions of people own iPhones, some are truly horrible people. Who gives a shit? Does Black and Decker publicize how many bodies are dismembered using its tools? Does Ford want Autoblog writing about pedestrians hit with its cars? Do editors of sites want that shit on their pages?

As the hashtag goes, I'm #smh over this one.

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