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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your inner douchebag

Being a politician these days means being a bigger douchebag than Ari on Entourage. Really, it's amazing to me. I mean, you always did have to be this way, and some might argue you had to be even MORE of a d-bag in the "olden days." But now we have much more powerful polling tools, more avenues to communicate with our representatives than ever... and more ways to hold them accountable.

Unfortunately, the brainblobs which form constituencies rarely make an impression on the larger brainblobs of the mass populace. Like marketing, it's tough to get your signal through the noise out there.

But the most truly terrifying moment is when you realize there's a powerful cabal in power that does not have your interests at heart. They just want to prove someone else is wrong. The demagogues who dig in, ignore all reason or advice and merely want to get "their way or the highway" are the egotistical, unpatriotic shitheads who are killing this country in the name of freedom. In fact, they do not want freedom for the individual -- they want to make sure you are only able to spend freely. Everything else will be forbidden if it is un-Christian. Instead of government being accountable to the people and helping the people, they want a nation under corporations, destined to become the feudal lords of the 21st century.

We're looking at a scary future where food and water shortages are real, and the cost of everything is prohibitive. Not because of government legislation, but because the feudal lords deem it necessary to stay in business. We'll buy that for a dollar, I guess.

My inspiration for this rant comes from this story on CNN about the Republicans who refuse to compromise on the deficit. Listen to Mitch McConnell's own words: "And all of the sudden, we have co-ownership of the economy." regarding Obama's spin off of the debt ceiling issue onto Republicans if they refuse to allow it to rise.

Sooooo... Congress is in now way "owning" the economic situation? It's all on Obama? I'm sorry, but when did we elect a king? And are we to presume the economy was peachy keen 24 hours before Obama became president and now he "owns" the economy but Congress is in no way culpable? Unbelievable. There are no facts to sway demagogues, only the bloody bodies of those they leave in their wake as they march towards the shining hill of "Being Right Always."

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