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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Apple got really wrong

iCloud has a "feature" called Photostream, which sounds nifty in theory. Pictures taken on my iPhone are magically uploaded to the iCloud, which can them appear on my Mac (using iPhoto or Aperture) or other iDevices using my Apple ID. Problem is, I just came back from vacation and imported hundreds of photos into Aperture BEFORE realizing you could turn off this automatic uploading shit.

There is NO delete button for items in your Photostream. It's all or nothing. That's so stupid -- each of my iOS devices proceeded to FILL UP entirely with photos. No apps could update, nothing could happen until I turned the damn thing off. Now I have to wait 30 days to turn it on again because I still need to import my fucking vacation pics.

Another thing Apple fucked up in iOS 5: "OTA" updates for apps. Yeah, I get it. A PC-free world where I don't have to tether. Guess what? No thanks, I have a damned computer. Why, pray tell, did I spend 30 minutes clicking one app update after another in iTunes (because "update all" has almost never worked for me, yielding a network lost error 99% of the time) just to have iTunes IGNORE those updated apps, and NOT install them?

Oh right. Apparently the iPhone was so full from those damned photos it failed to WARN ME that it couldn't update anything else until it had the memory.

Photostream needs to get a lot better really fast.

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