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Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone 5 vs Android

I'm going to wait and get an iPhone 5. To think that it was likely the last iPhone Steve had a real hand in producing, there's that. But also there's the practical realization that tech like NFC and 4G will likely "be there" for Apple to embrace. And imagine what else there might be... Just consider that now Apple need only make TWO iPhones which bear the 4S monicker. One in white, one in black. Everything else on the inside needs only a signal to make things hum.

The difference between Apple and Google, whose competitor mobile OS Android is "free" and "open" and given cutesy, life-reducing sweets-based* codenames is this: one does things at its own pace according to what's best for the consumer and only releasing a product that is 90-99% "there" and the other does things rapidly, a steady stream of half-measures without a cohesive core and whose ultimate goal is to learn more about your personal habits in order to make web searches better.

And that's it. Of course Apple wants to know about you as well (certainly the iAds division, CRM folks, etc.), but that's not their core purpose. Apple's core being is to make great products that are powerful and easy to use. That's always been their mantra. So when people asked me about where Apple is going without Jobs, I tell them "the same place it's always been going."

That sentiment is somewhat reflected in this interview for the TNJN and this for the Knoxville News Sentinel.

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