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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fireflies in a jar held by a baboon

I think baboons are actually quite smart, but let's say this is a really dumb baboon. One with no sense, one who only knows how "things have always been" and can't seem to think his way out of extinction.

Now say that baboon is holding a jar of beautiful fireflies, each one capable of giving light... and so the baboon naturally doesn't know what he's got so he smashes the jar on the rocks and the fireflies fly away, knowing the baboon is a crazy idiot.

After hearing about the layoffs at KNS I can't help but think that's how a lot of businesses feel these days. The people at the top are delusional megalomaniacs who propel themselves forward on courses of "case studies from Harvard" and hope for the best, knowing their golden egg is secure and the worker fireflies can just be collected again like so many motes of dust on the mantle.

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