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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dan Frommer on Louis C.K.

Dan points out the lack of DRM on Louis C.K.'s self-distributed (and promoted) latest video special. But then he proceeds to throw in that hyperbolic "disrupt the power balance" thing regarding the existing media industry.

Here's the thing, however... I couldn't do this. None of the comedians I personally know (some of whom are touring pros) could do this and make anything close to what Louis did. He is a known entity in part because of that media industry. Were it not for TV specials and TV and film appearances already, he'd just be another one of the thousands of faceless, feature performers out there trying to make a buck making people laugh in an industry that is largely controlled by old timey morons (seriously, ask around about comedy club owners -- most sound like they just wish they ran a porno modeling agency, but aren't smart enough to know to move to LA).

At any rate, I think it's a fine thing Louis did, but it's not going to disrupt shit other than the existing friends he has in the media industry. Comedy Central won't want to sign a deal with him if they know he'll just do another special in a month they don't own the rights to, and it sounds like Louis has outgrown them anyway. What I'd like to see, and what would TRULY be disruptive, would be MORE comedians of Louis's stature band together to form a method for promoting and distributing comedy -- and not just their own, but other comedians as well. Yeah, a label of sorts.

Imagine if people like Kathy Griffin signed on? OK, not just redheads, but you get what I mean. That would be truly disruptive, and that would be great. But it ain't gonna happen. Most agents have their talent by the balls, and the agents play ball with the media industry, therefore: Nothing changes.

Although I'm hoping to change this myself, but I can't talk about my secret project yet!

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