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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What the fuck is with comedians being total idiots?

Twice in my life I've imparted valuable advice to comedians (OK, one comedian and one venue) about marketing -- or more specifically, HOW to market using social media -- and twice now those people have acted like idiots.

Pro tip: Don't fucking tweet "SHOW UP AT GIBBLYS MONKEY HOUSE!" with no context. You have to give people a reason to show up, and more importantly, don't make them work to find out where some place is.

1. You're only going to attract an audience of people who would normally go to a comedy club anyway. This isn't the way to expand your audience. It's a way to get stuck.
2. Most people won't bother clicking more than twice when trying to find something. We're trained by Google to expect instant results. When you hide the location of the fucking awesome shit show you just ALL CAPS tweeted about, you just lost about 50% of the people who might have thought about considering to come to your show. Good job!
3. How hard is it to give an address? This isn't rocket science.

There's a reason you guys are working shitty day jobs. You have no idea what it means to actually build an audience. It's hard work, and hardly funny at all.

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