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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Four hours on hold with Apple

I'm guessing it was a glitch that kept me in some feedback loop today, but on my 39th birthday I tried to call Apple to see if I could get AppleCare+ after pre-ordering an iPhone 5.

Nearly four hours later (after hearing "just five more minutes!" the entire time), I tried calling via Skype and got an answer within 7 minutes.

It sucks, and I'll get over it, but those four hours were time with my kids on my 39th birthday that I'll never get back. And since there's zero accountability at the Most Valuable Company In the World, there won't be so much as an apology to my grandparents, who tried to call me several times while I was on hold. They live in Bolivia and used Skype, so I couldn't even call them back directly.

Thanks, Apple. Your luster is really wearing off for me.

And to top it all off... I wasn't offered a chance to order AppleCare+ during checkout, never received the email hundreds of others did, so I'm going to have to risk calling when I get the phone and hope this lady wasn't lying when she said they just changed policy to allow AppleCare+ to be purchased over the phone when you receive it.

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