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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Another life change this year: Stop hoarding. I'm probably a 3 on the hoarding scale, but I am sentimental about "stuff"... and I always see the potential in junk. I like to think when I'm retired (at 102), I'll make junk sculptures on my floating junk island. Not sure if my girlfriend is on board for that.

Anyway, this year I'm getting rid of half my stuff. Not giving away, but selling and/or parting with it. Admittedly, about 10% of that 50% might go into cold storage -- I have some geeky artifacts I'd like to keep around for a sort of museum thing I'm planning down the road.

But in my house itself I find I have way, way too much stuff. I'm simplifying my tools, trashing the loose bits and focusing on making new things, not collecting old ones.

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