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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


It's going to be a long night. I've sat on my futon for a few hours and let the world slip by as I dove into social media, getting more misanthropic by the moment. What's interesting about when I have these down days:
- My "wit" -- particularly the acerbic side of it -- goes up exponentially
- My "fuck or fight" switch goes to FIGHT the entire time and I get combative
- They are often preceded by several great days where I feel wildly open and aware...

Dunno what any of that means. And I think I'm safe from hurting myself. I was never one to try suicide, although I've had those thoughts. Now I just think of my kids and how I can't leave them behind -- it would alter them in terrible ways and the world needs them.

Besides, why kill myself? The misanthrope in me wants to kill the world, Alderaan-style. At least then I wouldn't have to check Twitter incessantly for validation.

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